This website contains a collection of studies and exercises for the bass guitar.

All the material is original and free to use as study resource.

This is a repository of exercises. This is not a bass guitar method.

Most of these exercises focus on scales and on learning the fingerboard, that is, fundamental technique.

Fingerings are suggested only when a scale is presented.

  • G = first string, the thinnest
  • D = second string
  • A = third string
  • E = fourth string
  • 0 = open string
  • 1 = index finger
  • 2 = middle finger
  • 3 = ring finger
  • 4 = little finger
  • 1e = index finger out of position (extended)
  • 4e = little finger out of position (extended)

“Position” refers to the fret on which the index finger plays: second position = index second fret.

If the position is not indicated in the title of the exercise, the student should choose the fingering that works best for him or her.

Tempos, phrasings, dynamics and articulations have been deliberately omitted.

Maurizio Torchio